Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Disneyland Fairy Tale Weddings

My friend, Teacher Girl, asked me a question about getting married in Disneyland.  Maybe there is something she isn't telling me yet about her future plans.....I would love to help her with a Fairy Tale Wedding.  I did some research,  not having any experience with this subject.  Although, we have been at the Grand Californian and seen brides having their pictures taken.  It would be a wonderful place to have a wedding.  29 years ago, I spent part of my honeymoon in Disneyland and will remember it always.

There is too much information to "blog" about and two different kinds of wedding packages....a Wishes and a Couture Collection.  I am including a link to their website for the info because it is quite extensive.

I saw that the starting price is $10,000 and I don't know if that includes food....probably not.
So check out the link if you are planning a wedding soon.

Have a Magical day!

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