Thursday, December 29, 2011

Disneyland at Christmas was Magical!

Hello Friends,

Arrived back last week from 4 days and nights at my favorite place.  Of course because it was the week before Christmas, it was very crowded.  But this time everything "clicked".  We got checked into our Villa at 11:30 am,  that is a record!  We were in California Adventure by noon having a nice lunch at the Wharf.

The highlight of our trip was having lunch with my husband, his sister and her husband at Club 33 on Monday.  We got there early for our reservation and when I told the hostess that it was our first time,  she made us all buttons with our names on them that said "First Time."  We took the small elevator up to the second floor and were seated in a beautiful dining room.  The whole place was bigger than I expected.  It was pretty crowded and probably sat around 50 people in the room we were in.  Our waitress Terrie Jo was exceptional.  She has worked at Club 33 for 29 years.  Wow!  The meal consisted of a salad/seafood bar,  the main course and a delicious dessert bar.  Kyle and Renee had Filet Mignon and Hardy and I had the "free range" chicken.  Everything was fabulous.  I can't even describe how good the chocolate creme brule was.  I had two, there were small  :)  We went out on the balcony after lunch and took some pictures and video.  We were able to look out at New Orleans Square.  I purchased a Club 33 Holiday collector pin for myself.  I can't thank the friends that made this happen for us enough.  It was truly a magical experience.

There is something about going to Disneyland with small kids......they say the darndest things.  It was late and we were heading back to the hotel.  The kids decided to go on the Grizzly River Run since the hotel entrance is right there.  They got soaked.  My 7 yr old niece said " I am having a terrible time."  She was so tired and wet.  She was much better after a hot shower and dry pajamas. 

We had a wonderful time with our family.  We are so Blessed! 

Wishing you all a magical day and a happy, healthy, prosperous 2012!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

11 More Days!

Monday the 5th was Walt Disney's birthday.  I can't help but think what a different world it would be if we didn't have Disneyland and all things Disney.  I am so happy that he was born.

My family is looking forward to our vacation in 11 more days.  Restaurant reservations are booked.  Schedules are printed out.  No refurbishment's .....Yeah!  Suitcase is almost packed.  We are going to have a wonderful time at the "happiest place on earth."

I  will be sure to post as soon as we get back to report on our Club 33 experience.

Have a magical day!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I soon will be able to check one thing off of my "bucket list"!

This hasn't been the best year for our family, too much stress but I am not going to dwell on that.  Trying to stay positive and be thankful for our good health.

Yesterday I got some great news.  I have always dreamed about going to Club 33 in Disneyland.  For those of you that don't know what it is.  It was started by Walt Disney back in May of 1967.  Sadly he never saw it completed because he died 5 months earlier.  Some say it was named after it's address... 33 Royal Street and some say after the original 33 investors that Walt courted to invest in his theme park.  They serve lunch and dinner there and only "members" and their guests can get in.  There is a waiting list to join and an expensive annual fee. 

One of my dear friends, is also friends with a member and has been trying to get me into the club for years.  Timing has always been off.  But we met some very nice people on a recent cruise who we "clicked" with.  Their company has a membership in Club 33.  They said to give them our dates and they will try to get us a lunch reservation.  We will be visiting Disneyland in December with my husband's sister and her family.  We got the call yesterday that they got us lunch reservations for 4 of us at the "Club".  I can't tell you how excited I am.  Of course, my kids don't want to go, they volunteered to stay with their young cousins so my husband, sister and brother in law and I could go.   I think my kids are tired of me having my picture taken in front of the door every time we visit the park.  This is a dream come true and I am so thankful to these wonderful people that made it come true. Less than two months until we visit the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

I will definitely post after my Club 33 experience. 

Have a Magical Day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disneyland Withdrawals

It has been such a long time since I posted anything.  I am having serious Disneyland withdrawals.  I follow these sites call "Disneyland Live" and "Mousewait" so I can try to experience what I am missing.  My girls think I am nuts for doing so but it makes me feel like I am there when I am not.

We have 2  1/2 more months until our family vacation at the resort.  I am counting down the days.  Really looking forward to Kyle's sister and her husband and 2 kids coming to visit us.  Visiting Disneyland with kids brings back the magic.  My niece was so cute last time we were there.  She was 5 and we did the birthday cupcake decorating.  They gave her a button that said "Happy Birthday Hailey!"  Everywhere we went, the cast would say "Happy Birthday Hailey",  by the end of the day she looked at her mom and said " How do they all know it is my birthday?"  It was priceless.

There is a lot of construction going on with California Adventure,  the Cars ride is set to open June of 2012.  Will have to plan our next visit after that.

Have a magical day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Disneyland!

I have not made time to write lately but yesterday was a big day for Disneyland.  56 years old!  It is one year younger than me.  

Things have changed dramatically for the park since the 1955 opening.  I love watching the old footage of Walt on opening day welcoming everyone to the park.  I found a vintage picture of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs on line and it brought back memories of my first time going to Disneyland when I was about 8.  I was so afraid of the characters, I wouldn't even get autographs.  Those who know me now won't believe that but it is true.  Dopey came over to greet me and I was so scared, I ran away and hid behind my parents, he ran after me and tripped over his long robe costume and fell down.  He couldn't get up and the employees had to help him.  I felt so bad but was still scared.  In 2009 on one of my visits, I finally got to have my picture taken with Dopey and I apologized to him.  He hugged me and all is forgiven.  Disneyland brings out the child in all of us.

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Northern California deserves discounts too!

As a Northern California resident, we have the expense of driving or flying to Southern California and paying for a hotel.  Can't they show us some "love" as well?  
I will let you know if I hear back.....but don't hold your breath.
Having not so magical of a day today.
Disneyland Disneyland News

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time to head to the Disneyland Resort

The weather here in Sacramento has been terrible and rainy.  I keep checking the weather in Anaheim and it is sunny and warm.  Perfect time to get out of town and head to Disneyland. 

On Friday they celebrated the "grand opening" of the new Little Mermaid ride in California Adventure park.  From the pictures they showed of all the strollers parked outside of the ride, it looks like it is a big hit.  The lines have been long and I don't see that they have a "fast pass" for this ride so get there early.

In Disneyland they also celebrated the "grand re-opening" of Star Tours.  This has been highly anticipated and every time you ride it is a different experience.  Can't wait to try it out in December.  The lines have been long for this new ride as well, but they have "fast passes" and I recommend getting one early.

There is still a lot of construction going on at California Adventure park but it wouldn't deter me from having a good time down there.  Goofy's Sky School is scheduled to open soon and they are re doing the Mission Tortilla Factory into a Ghirardelli chocolate store...yummy!

So if you want some "sun and fun" , head down to the Disneyland resort.  They also opened the new Monorail pool at the Disneyland hotel.  The slides look like they are great for small kids.

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wishing I were in Disneyland today!

It has been awhile since I have had time to write about my favorite place.   I follow some Disney sights on Twitter and they are always sending great pictures and updates from the parks.  It allows me to be there without really "being there."  Even though it is spring break, the crowds don't look so bad.   I have 8 more months until I get to go to my favorite place so I will have to just enjoy the parks thru the "tweets." 

Have a magical day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary to The Pirates of the Caribbean!

Wow,  I can't believe it has been 44 years since this ride opened.  Today is the anniversary of the opening in 1967.  This was the last attraction that Walt Disney personally supervised before his death.  I can remember going there as a kid and seeing the big hole with all the steel supports in it.  I couldn't wait for it to open. 

The popularity of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies has made it more popular as well, especially since they added Captain Jack Sparrow.  

A trip to the park is not complete without riding Pirates at least once.  Hope you  all can do it soon.

Have a Magical Day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrities in Disneyland Resort

I haven't had time to write lately but wanted to mention that I receive "Twitter" messages and pictures from a great site called Mousewait.  They sent out a picture Sunday of Pierce Brosnan in front of the Jungle Cruise.  He was nice enough to have his picture taken with a fan.  We have seen many celebrities in the park and in the Grand Californian......a sure sign is if you see Disney escort walking around with guests, they are probably celebrities.  We have seen Steve Young, Cuba Gooding Jr. , Hugh Grant,  David Arquette and Courtney Cox just to name a few.  So next time you are in the parks and see an escort....check out who they are escorting.....maybe someone special.  

Have a Magical day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New attractions at California Adventure Park

I am anxiously awaiting my next tip to Disneyland.  There is lots of construction going on in California Adventure Park for those of you who haven't been there in awhile.  They are trying to take the park in a new direction.  I was satisfied with the way it was and I am sad to say they are taking out my Golden Gate Bridge.....and the Palace of Fine must have figured out that I am from San Francisco.  The Palace of Fine Arts area is going to be the new Ariel, Little Mermaid ride.  Trolley's like the ones that were seen in Walt's hometown of Marceline, Missouri  will replace the bridge.  They are also building a brand new Cars ride that is very similiar to Test Track Dummies in Epcot in Florida.  This is set to open in 2012. 

If you are at the park anytime soon, check out the Blue Sky Cellar for all the exciting changes.

This is a good article I found about the upcoming attractions........

Hope you can visit my favorite place soon.........

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day at Disneyland

Valentines day will soon be here and  I wish I was spending it with my "honey bunny" in Disneyland eating some of these fabulous looking treats.......

The above link is to a great Blog that I get updates from.  The dipped strawberries look yummy.  Check out the official blog when you can,  lots of good information and pictures.

Hope you all have a great Valentines Day, spread some love.

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Disneyland Fairy Tale Weddings

My friend, Teacher Girl, asked me a question about getting married in Disneyland.  Maybe there is something she isn't telling me yet about her future plans.....I would love to help her with a Fairy Tale Wedding.  I did some research,  not having any experience with this subject.  Although, we have been at the Grand Californian and seen brides having their pictures taken.  It would be a wonderful place to have a wedding.  29 years ago, I spent part of my honeymoon in Disneyland and will remember it always.

There is too much information to "blog" about and two different kinds of wedding packages....a Wishes and a Couture Collection.  I am including a link to their website for the info because it is quite extensive.

I saw that the starting price is $10,000 and I don't know if that includes food....probably not.
So check out the link if you are planning a wedding soon.

Have a Magical day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vacation anyone?

Where I live the weather has been kind of foggy lately,  it is a perfect time to escape to Southern California sunshine......they have been having weather in the 60's and 70's.  No better time to head to Disneyland.  I was noticing billboards around town advertising 3 day tickets for Disneyland for $169.00. This is a great deal,  where can you have that much fun for $56.00 a day?  The hotels at the Disneyland Resort are also offering discounted rates making it a perfect time to head to "The Happiest Place on Earth".  The ticket offers are only good thru April 14th so book soon. 

I follow a Twitter account called "Mousewait" is great, they send updates and pictures from the resort.  The parks are pretty empty but the sun is shining.  They even sent a picture of Adam Lambert ( American Idol guy) riding on Big Thunder Railroad.  If you have "Twitter"....check out Mousewait.

Have a Magical Day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney Cruises are now easier from California

Today I received a "tweet" from Disneyland saying that the Disney Wonder just sailed into the port in Long Beach.  I already knew this because my friends are on it.  I love cruising and have been on about 18 cruises but never on a Disney cruise.  Considering what a "nut" I am about Disneyland, I can't believe myself that I haven't been on a Disney Cruise.  Now it will be easier for me to do this since the Disney Wonder will be sailing to the Mexican Riviera from now until April and then starting in will do Alaska cruises.   My friends that just got off this 15 day cruise have done many Disney cruises and love them.  They keep telling me that I need to go with my family.

So I hope you will be able to check out the Disney Wonder soon.  I am looking forward to booking my first Disney cruise. 

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exciting Day!

I am always the happiest on the day I make our next Disney Vacation Club reservations.  Going to my favorite place is something I cherish and since we will be going with our family from Georgia, it will be extra special.  We aren't going until December but at least I know our "Villa" at the Grand Californian will be waiting for us.

I am not a big fan of "time shares"....never really saw the point but the Disney Vacation Club is different.  If you like traveling to Disneyland or Walt Disney World on a yearly basis than it is worth looking into it. You can own a piece of the Villa's at the Grand Californian or any of the many other Disney resorts in Orlando and now in Hawaii.  It can be passed down to our children so they can continue going after I am not able to.  I hope that day is a long way off. 

Hope you all have a magical day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking for Mickey

Now that my kids are grown,  I have to rely on my niece and nephew to visit from Georgia and travel with us to Disneyland to see the characters.  The days of getting autographs are gone so I cherish doing this with my niece and nephew,  they are still at the "fun age" and will run after the characters.  As a response to "teacher girl".....the best place to always find Mickey is in his house in Toon Town.  He is guaranteed to be there and you can always find Minnie in her house there as well.  Of course, if you don't want to brave the strollers in Toon Town, head to Main Street. They hang around in front of the Mad Hatter periodically through out the day and are always happy to sign autographs.  

Hope you all enjoy the beautiful pictures my talented daughter took.  She is our personal "paparazzi"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Perfect family vacation

Our family, minus our youngest who is away at college and didn't want to come with us anyway, went to the Disneyland resort on November 14th for 4 nights.  If you ever want to see Disneyland with all the beautiful Christmas decorations.....go at this time.  The park starts decorating on November 12th.  The weather was fabulous, in the 70's and the lines were short, about 10 minutes max.  I highly recommend this time of year if you don't have kids in school.  It was magical.

We saw the "World of Color" for the first time.  It was awesome and we ended up watching it 3 times.  Make sure to get a "fast pass" for it first thing in the morning.  The "fast pass" distribution machines are right next to the Grizzly River Run ride in California Adventure.  Once you have the pass, you go to the Paradise Pier area and enter at your assigned time.   The only bad thing is that you have to stand for about an hour before the show, so if you have anyone that can't do that, bring a blanket to sit on until the show starts.  The run time is about 30 minutes.  Don't miss this attraction!

Can't wait to book our next trip.......

Fireworks Show

World of Color

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Time Jitters

My daughter and her friend talked me into doing this.....since they think I don't have a life.  Just a quick disclaimer.....I have no medical training and am not really a "shrink".   I love going to Disneyland and wanted to share some of my knowledge with the world.  Hopefully,  I can give good advice to anyone that is traveling to Disneyland.  Let the Blog begin............