Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney Cruises are now easier from California

Today I received a "tweet" from Disneyland saying that the Disney Wonder just sailed into the port in Long Beach.  I already knew this because my friends are on it.  I love cruising and have been on about 18 cruises but never on a Disney cruise.  Considering what a "nut" I am about Disneyland, I can't believe myself that I haven't been on a Disney Cruise.  Now it will be easier for me to do this since the Disney Wonder will be sailing to the Mexican Riviera from now until April and then starting in will do Alaska cruises.   My friends that just got off this 15 day cruise have done many Disney cruises and love them.  They keep telling me that I need to go with my family.

So I hope you will be able to check out the Disney Wonder soon.  I am looking forward to booking my first Disney cruise. 

Have a magical day!

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  1. I would love nothing more than to go on a vacation...and to a warm spot like Mexico on a Disney cruise--with Mickey & Minnie sounds wonderful. THanks for sharing, Tink. I LOVE your blog!!! :o) Here's another question: are they ever going to let people in on their birthdays for free??? I HOPE SO!!! Whatcha think, Tink??