Monday, January 10, 2011

Perfect family vacation

Our family, minus our youngest who is away at college and didn't want to come with us anyway, went to the Disneyland resort on November 14th for 4 nights.  If you ever want to see Disneyland with all the beautiful Christmas decorations.....go at this time.  The park starts decorating on November 12th.  The weather was fabulous, in the 70's and the lines were short, about 10 minutes max.  I highly recommend this time of year if you don't have kids in school.  It was magical.

We saw the "World of Color" for the first time.  It was awesome and we ended up watching it 3 times.  Make sure to get a "fast pass" for it first thing in the morning.  The "fast pass" distribution machines are right next to the Grizzly River Run ride in California Adventure.  Once you have the pass, you go to the Paradise Pier area and enter at your assigned time.   The only bad thing is that you have to stand for about an hour before the show, so if you have anyone that can't do that, bring a blanket to sit on until the show starts.  The run time is about 30 minutes.  Don't miss this attraction!

Can't wait to book our next trip.......

Fireworks Show

World of Color

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Tink! It sounds like an amazing trip!!! :o) I SOOOOO want to go soon! UGH! Ok, I have another question: Where can I find Mickey once I get into Disneyland {so I can get a picture with him}???