Friday, January 7, 2011

First Time Jitters

My daughter and her friend talked me into doing this.....since they think I don't have a life.  Just a quick disclaimer.....I have no medical training and am not really a "shrink".   I love going to Disneyland and wanted to share some of my knowledge with the world.  Hopefully,  I can give good advice to anyone that is traveling to Disneyland.  Let the Blog begin............

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  1. EXCUSE ME: you have a LIFE!!!! Now it is just enhanced & even busier & better!!! I am SO pumped & excited & happy you started this blog. Oh my goodness, I need to let all the disneyland fans I know in on this!! Oh, and I have a question, how/where/when can I get tickets for the World of Color the next time I go to the Happiest Place on Earth? Your first post was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for Tink the AWESOME, Shrink!!!!!